1. Helpful videos available on the internet/YouTube include:
    1. Tame the Beast
    2. Understanding Pain in less than 5 Minutes and What to do about it
    3. The Drug Cabinet in Your Brain
    4. Ted Talks by the experts whose names are listed below
  2. Dr. Kevin Cuccaro’s website www.StraightShotHealth.com
  3. Books and articles written by G. Lorimer Moseley, David S. Butler, Peter O’Sullivan, and Lars Avemarie
  4. Alan Gordon’s book The Way Out: A Revolutionary Scientifically Proven Approach to Healing Chronic Pain
  5. Understanding Persistent Pain: How to Turn Down the Volume on Persistent Pain, Department of Health & Human Services, Tasmania, Australia (copyright 2014, accessible on the internet and on this website)
  6. Oregon Pain Science Alliance programs and website