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  1. A concise explanation of pain highlighted by a clever animation.
  2. This probably is the shortest and most comprehensive and helpful explanation of pain treatment.
  1. Acute or persistent pain is produced by your brain : tissue damage is not the issue for
    persistent/chronic pain.
  2. Chronic pain is about sensitivity of the nervous system.
  3. Medications are limited and surgery is a complex issue.
  4. Thoughts and beliefs are brain impulses related to stress.
  5. Diet and lifestyle have a role in chronic pain.
  6. Understanding your personal story and deeper emotions are part of healing chronic pain.
  7. Getting moving without fear is the start.

Pain is produced by the brain and can be chronic or acute. Chronic pain, which affects one in five Australians, is less about physical damage and more about nervous system sensitivity. To address chronic pain, it’s important to retrain the brain through medication, stress reduction, lifestyle changes, emotional exploration, and gradual physical activity. Surgery may not be helpful, so a second opinion is advised. Taking a holistic approach can provide opportunities for managing and improving chronic pain.

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