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  1. An apparent minor injury can be serious.
  2. Pain can continue after an injury is healed.
  3. A small change in thinking can change the pain.
  1. Delayed treatment of continuing pain from an injury is not prudent.
  2. Although her ankle healed, she experienced chronic pain in it for 41 years, before a diagnosis revealed healed fractures that could not be corrected at that time.
  3. Pain science concepts, together with Pain Triangle concepts helped her discover the cause for her pain and manage it.

A minor incident fractured the ankle of a woman aged 26 but she didn’t have it examined.  Forty-one years later after many years of chronic ankle pain, an X-ray revealed multiple fractures, but surgical correction was not possible because lymphedema probably would hinder healing.

As the pain got worse, she sought physical therapy for some relief.  A program featuring Movement, Mindfulness, and Pain Science brought her the tools to manage her pain.  She realized she was anticipating pain each time she put pressure on her ankle and the Pain Triangle concepts helped her feel safe by learning to manage the anticipation and the pain.

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