Overview: Understanding Pain: 45 Years of Pain Science in 45 Minutes

This is a presentation by Dr. Kevin Cuccaro discussing pain science and its management. The presentation aims to challenge common beliefs about pain and encourage a new way of thinking for safe and effective pain treatment. Pain is a common problem affecting 116 million Americans and costing over $600 billion annually.  The presentation will cover three concepts: the purpose of pain and how people can hurt even if nothing is wrong, the most common misconception about pain that causes treatments to fail, and how to think differently for safe and effective pain treatment.

Understanding Pain: 45 Years of Pain Science in 45 Minutes

Pain is a common symptom that affects millions of people globally. It is also the most common disability, costing over $600 billion annually. In the United States alone, it affects about 116 million Americans. Dr. Kevin Cuccaro, a Pain Specialist and Consultant, has dedicated his career to helping people manage pain. In this blog post, we will summarize his 45-minute presentation on “Understanding Pain”.

Dr. Kevin Cuccaro is a board-certified Pain Injection Specialist with over 45 years of experience in the field. Before becoming a Pain Specialist, he was an Anesthesiologist at the University of Chicago and specialized in Pain Medicine at the University of Michigan. He is also an Associate Program Director at NMCSD and a Fellow of the Oregon Pain Management Commission and the OHA HERC Chronic Pain Task Force.

His purpose is to challenge people’s beliefs about pain, assess the outcomes of common pain management treatments, and define modern pain science using a new conceptual model. He also describes how to assess and ‘deconstruct’ pain in order to direct treatment.

The presentation covered three key concepts:

  • What is the purpose of pain and how can people hurt even if it appears “nothing’s wrong”.
  • What is the most common misconception about pain that almost everyone makes and which causes treatments to fail.
  • How to think differently for safe and effective pain treatment.

Back pain is the second most common reason for all physician visits and has a lifetime prevalence of 60-90%. It affects both industrialized and developing worlds and has different disability rates. Despite the increasing use of MRI’s, procedures, surgeries, and opioids, there has been no improvement in self-reports and disability rates, and an increase in complication rates and healthcare costs.

In conclusion, Dr. Cuccaro’s presentation provides an insightful and thought-provoking overview of pain science. He challenges people’s beliefs about pain and provides a new model for thinking about and treating pain. Understanding pain is the first step in finding effective and safe treatments that can help millions of people live a pain-free life.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Kevin Cuccaro

Consultant and specialist on Pain

Website: https://kevincuccaro.com/
To learn more about Dr. Cuccaro or about the Pain Triangle visit: https://kevincuccaro.com/about/

Kevin Cucarro

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Dr. Kevin Cuccaro is a pain specialist on a mission to transform society’s understanding of pain and improve pain treatment outcomes. Dr. Cuccaro currently serves on the Oregon Pain Management Commission as well as the Oregon Health Authority Health Evidence Review Committee’s Chronic Pain Task Force.

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