Benefits of Alliance Membership:

  1. Collaboration with others actively engaged in discovering new neuroscience insights to the mechanism of pain. We anticipate learning more sooner than we would acting alone.
  2. Collaboration with others in making our best discoveries of pain science concepts and self-care practices readily accessible to others in pain.
  3. Collaborate in providing some uniformity in pain science terminology.

Alliance Membership Application

Provisional Membership (non-voting) Steps:

  1. Complete and submit Membership Application below;
  2. Pay pro-rated dues for remaining full months of the current calendar year:

$4/mo by check, or online:

  1. An Alliance Board member will call you to discuss your particular interests and answer questions.
  2. The Board will review your application and formally approve your membership.

Voting Status Membership Steps:

Voting Status membership steps, are to ensure voting members have a minimum common pain science vocabulary and understanding of concepts.

5a. Healthcare workers with prior formal training in pain science, may obtain the Alliance Pain Concepts quiz by sending an email to, or complete the Pain Class in 5b.

5b. Others; Complete the free 90 minute Pain Class at  and send a copy of the Certification of Completion to  .

Alliance Membership Application

Latest Healthcare Professional Experience, if any:

I have been involved in the following Pain Science activities:
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By signing your name electronically on this Membership Form, you are agreeing that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this form. You will receive a copy of this application after it has been sent to our volunteer department.

*Our Vision: To become the leader and model in pain care management and mastery for the country by promoting education of healthcare professionals and communities in the latest pain science understanding. *Our Mission: To transform society's understanding of pain and to provide hope and choices for individuals to improve their pain care options and outcomes by engaging in pro-active management and mastery of their pain experience. *Organizational Objectives. The organizational objectives of this Society are:
  1. To provide an organization through which members of the Society may participate in and carry forward the programs and purposes of the organization.
  2. To promote the interests of the society and its programs and to make reasonable efforts to involve citizens of the community.
  3. To develop and publish standards for uniform terminology and curricula in the field of pain science, together with its practice and mastery.
  4. To provide educational opportunities for each of its members in order to standardize the use of a uniform terminology relating to the field of pain science, practice and mastery.
  5. To train each of its members to effectively and efficiently educate others in their respective communities on matters of pain science, practice and mastery.
  6. To be an eleemosynary corporate society providing services to the general public under the laws of the State of Oregon and having a tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).
  7. To provide for opportunities allowing for and encouraging the establishment of chapters within the Society that are trained and committed and agree with the objectives of the Society and to comply with its Governing Documents.
*Community Objectives. The community objectives of this Society are, at a minimum:
  1. To transform society’s understanding of pain and improve pain care options and outcomes; and
  2. To offer individuals, families and communities hope and choices by promoting education relating to: pain science, the emergent construction of pain experiences, and the potential for deconstruction of pain experiences with a primary focus on the merits of self-management and empowerment strategies in the transformation process.
*Excerpts from the April 1, 2021 Bylaws (Summary of Member expectations from the April 1, 2021 Bylaws) All members are adult volunteers of a local Chapter of the OPSA. There is no discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, disability or sexual orientation (gender). Membership is a privilege, not a right. The initiation fee is $10 and the dues are $40, pro-rated for the calendar year. Members are delinquent if dues are not renewed by March 31. Candidates for membership must be professional healthcare workers or demonstrate a commitment to the activities of the local Chapter, be sponsored by an OPSA member, have relevant professional experience in Pain Science or within 6 months have completed an approved introductory course in Pain Science, and satisfactorily complete a quiz on Pain Science knowledge.